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Skin Care | 5 Skin Must Haves for Winter - HQ Insider
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Skin Care | 5 Skin Must Haves for Winter

Skin Care | 5 Skin Must Haves for Winter

With the turn of 2020, and the many challenges it has brought, uncertainty seems to be the motto of our life these days. One thing you can be certain of though is making sure your skin is feeling its best as the temperature begins to drop.

Shopping for a moisturizer can sometimes feel more of a chore than an exciting experience. At ShopHQ, we have you covered. Keep on reading to find our top 5 moisturizers perfect for making sure your skin is staying hydrated and at its all-time best!

Active Argan

Active Argan made a unique discovery that would help lock-in product to your skin throughout the day. A mix of argan oil, ozone and medical grade oxygen is the special ingredient in this moisturizer. With the hyaluronic acid component, this nourishing cream helps alleviate dry skin, and softens visible signs of age. It is a perfect light weight cream for daytime or under makeup.

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There are so many categories your skin can fall into and sometimes finding products that work can be a hassle. This hydrating cream is good for all skin types, even when you are not sure how your skin will feel day to day. It targets dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and the focus – vitamin D. Chronocyclin is the ingredient that makes the vitamin D in your skin stronger. It protects your skin and helps with the rejuvenation process. If you are ready for improved skin tone, texture, and more hydration, emerginC is here for you!

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This Duo “All-in-One” truly is the package deal, with two key ingredients being polyphenols, and Isosorbide dicaprylate. These are restorative and rejuvenating ingredients made to keep long lasting hydration right where your skin needs it. This cream is everything you may need in one bottle. In just one step you can get the results of smoother, firmer, softer skin.

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Battling dry skin and fine lines and wrinkles? Look no further. The Katavi moisturizing day cream helps target both. It is an anti-aging cream that will improve appearance of wrinkles, dull dry skin, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and rough texture. Goodbye to rough, dry skin. Hello plump and smooth skin!

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The Better Skin Co.

A multi-purpose cream? Yes, please! The Mirakle cream will give you a more youthful look and the hydration boost you have been looking for. If you suffer from dehydration or dryness, this is a must have step in your skin care routine.  Not only can this be used on your face, neck, and entire body – it also acts as a combination of your best night cream, brightener, and primer all in one. This will be an absolute must have this season!


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