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Being Social... At a Distance | Blair Christie - HQ Insider
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Being Social… At a Distance | Blair Christie

Being Social… At a Distance | Blair Christie

ShopHQ host Blair Christie shares his experience on how he copes with social distancing:

It’s getting weird out there right?  To tell you the truth, I am a germaphobe.  Always have been.  Not quite Howard Hughes level, but I’ve always washed my hands multiple times a day, open doors either with my pinky finger/covered elbow or rear end.  I’m not much of a hugger or hand shaker either, but these days, physical contact is getting a bit distant even for me!  But recently, I’ve felt the desire to gather with friends and family just to socialize.  Skype/Zoom, phone calls or waves from a window are great, but there is something about gathering with friends and neighbors to share stories and see reactions that just can’t be done remotely.  So how do you go about doing this safely?  I’m not a doctor or a safety expert at all, but here are the steps I take to feel safe.

I text a group of neighborhood dads (and sometimes moms too) and invite them to gather OUTSIDE in my yard.  We keep it fairly tight…from 4 to 8 people total.  The invite usually tells them to bring a chair, bug spray, something to drink and a face mask.  I provide the fire pit, a fan to keep bugs at bay, the music and the yard/space.  We often rotate hosting these gatherings at different dad residences in the neighborhood.  A couple of dads bring a TV outdoors to enjoy watching sports too!  We all keep our distance and wear our masks when not actively eating/drinking.  Honestly, we are seeing more of each other now than we did pre-pandemic!  The neighborhood moms have been doing the same thing.  Where are the kids?  We alternate watching them while our partners enjoy visiting or as I call it…”drinks at 6 paces”.  The retirees and empty nesters in the neighborhood join as well.  Sharing the challenges and the wins in these odd times can be extremely beneficial in keeping what remaining sanity we have intact. 

Thanks Blair! We can help you set up your next social distance gathering: JoyJolt Glassware, TVs, Outdoor furniture, Bluetooth Speakers and Medic Therapeutics!


✨ Who is Blair Christie? 

This once shy “prairie boy” from North Dakota has traveled the world and worked with hundreds of celebrities since beginning his career in home shopping over 30 years ago. He is quick witted and perhaps a bit mischievous at times, but he takes his role seriously as a steadfast problem solver and loyal customer advocate.


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