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Keeping It Sharp | Blair Christie - HQ Insider
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Keeping It Sharp | Blair Christie

Keeping It Sharp | Blair Christie

ShopHQ host Blair Christie shares his pro tips on how to keep razors (or anything sharp), SHARP!

Stop going through so many razor blades!  Anything sharp really (like nice knives) if well cared for, can stay sharp for a lot longer than you think.  My record for a razor (we’re talking about a Gillette Fusion blade here) is 18 months’ worth of shaving…yes, one blade a year and a half.  Wait…aren’t we supposed to replace them every week or two?  Oh, they’d love that right?  All you have to do is dry the razor off after use.  

I run mine through some running water, tap it on a dry towel alternating with blowing off the water.  Tap, blow, tap blow, tap, blow…store in a dry place.  Really the only time I have to replace a blade is when I forget to dry it off, or my wife uses it (and doesn’t dry it off). 

This also works on nice kitchen knives.  Just wash and dry them off (don’t run through the dish washer or let them bang around in a drawer). 

Thanks Blair! You can shop our vast assortment of Men’s Grooming or Cutlery – keep them sharp!


✨ Who is Blair Christie? 

This once shy “prairie boy” from North Dakota has traveled the world and worked with hundreds of celebrities since beginning his career in home shopping over 30 years ago. He is quick witted and perhaps a bit mischievous at times, but he takes his role seriously as a steadfast problem solver and loyal customer advocate.


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