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Spring Cleaning Essentials - HQ Insider
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Spring Cleaning Essentials

Spring Cleaning Essentials

It’s March, so we are beginning to think about Spring and what comes along with the warmer temperatures. That includes spring clothes, dining on patios, participating in outdoor activities such as walking or biking, but a big topic comes to mind: Spring Cleaning! The time to go through old drawers and your closets or do a giant deep clean to get out of all Winter’s dust and germs! We’ve got the ultimate Spring-Cleaning Essentials list ready to rock and roll for you as well as suggested products


You don’t have a vacuum; say what! A vacuum helps keep your floors clean, especially your carpet, which is like a second air filter to your home! It can only trap the dust and allergens for so long, and after a while, they go back into the air! Vacuuming them out helps keep the air in your home fresh! Plus, what’s more satisfying than those fresh carpet lines![/vc_column_text]

Natural Cleaning Products (Bio-Clean)

Natural cleaning products are gaining popularity and for a variety of reasons! Choosing clean products means you’re protecting the environment. Every time you wash or clean items in the sink, the products drain out into the environment. Using natural products protects your body from the harmful chemicals that can potentially damage your skin or respiratory system! There are so many other reasons, but protect the planet and your body!


Have you ever put your finger on an unused dresser and noticed a thick layer of dust accumulate upon your finger after? That feeling is pretty gross, isn’t it! Don’t let the dust build up around your home; otherwise, it could turn into an allergen fest! Take a simple dusting wand once a month to ensure that you’re removing those allergens and dust bunnies out of your home!


No one likes to catch their foot on a sticky segment on the floor or get their nice white socks brown on the bottom! Give your floors that fresh feeling of a mop and get rid of food scraps, dirt that has been hanging out for a while. Mopping is also a great way to help keep your home sanitized and help keep your family protected from germs! Lastly, mopping regularly with the right formula can reduce the number of scratches that appear over time!

You know what they say, a clean home is a happy home! Luckily you can grab all your Spring cleaning essentials right here at ShopHQ!

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