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This Just In... Walking is Good for You | Blair Christie - HQ Insider
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This Just In… Walking is Good for You | Blair Christie

This Just In… Walking is Good for You | Blair Christie

ShopHQ host Blair Christie shares his tips for a good, healthy walk:

I’ve always been a fairly active guy.  Golf, basketball, yard work, games of tag with the kids…uh…that’s about it I guess.  But when I had to recover from back surgery in 2019, my doctor said the best thing I could do was walk a few times a day (about a half hour at a time).  So ever since then, I’ve been walking a lot more.  Not only did it help me with my back, but I’ve lost some weight, seen some great wildlife and sunsets/sunrises, and interacted with other walkers.  It also gives me a chance to listen to a few podcasts or music.  The walk tends to change my mood for the better as well.  I don’t use a lot of fancy equipment or electronics, but I do have a few necessities. 

  • Dress appropriately and comfortably.  Because I’m a dad with a lovely family, I feel no pressure to impress with the way I look.  Whatever is clean and comfy works just fine. 
  • I do have a decent pair of walking shoes that I replace about every year. 
  • I use my iphone and a pair of wireless earbuds…unless my wife is using them. 
  • I drink a lot of water too.  I will often grab a smoothie before or after as well. 

That’s it.  I’m pretty lucky that I live in a neighborhood that is safe and offers a variety of walking options.  In the winter, I do head to the malls.  Although on occasion I will walk on a treadmill at a gym, I really don’t get the same benefits as doing this outdoors.  Neighborhood walks are simple and easy.  Short hikes on paved trails are fantastic for variety.  Then on the weekends, maybe hit an unpaved hiking trail.  Variety is good.  Walking is great.

Thanks Blair! Now, let’s get you our walking, here’s how we can help – Shop Now!  Boku, Heather Thomson Superfoods, Compression Sleeves, Footwear, Activity Trackers.


✨ Who is Blair Christie? 

This once shy “prairie boy” from North Dakota has traveled the world and worked with hundreds of celebrities since beginning his career in home shopping over 30 years ago. He is quick witted and perhaps a bit mischievous at times, but he takes his role seriously as a steadfast problem solver and loyal customer advocate.


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