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Wellness Wednesday | Working Out From Home Just Got A Whole Lot Easier! - HQ Insider
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Wellness Wednesday | Working Out From Home Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

Wellness Wednesday | Working Out From Home Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

Keep Working Out Simple with These Three!

Covid-19 doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, so why not get your sweat on at home? Luckily completing an at-home workout doesn’t have to seem like rocket science with the help of these 3 simple yet effective fitness equipment!

Yoga Mat

When someone says you need a yoga mat. You get a yoga mat. A yoga mat provides comfort on those harder surfaces like hardwood floors and can ease the pain when working on joints like your knees and back. Moving into poses or completing a core circuit on a squishy surface makes doing the exercises a lot more enjoyable! Speaking of hard surfaces, think about when you are working up a decent sweat, and the sweat drops begin to pool on your workout space. A yoga mat provides a level stickiness and grip which can help you avoid slipping or falling!

Yoga mats come in all different sizes and thicknesses. A typical yoga mat is 1/8 of an inch thick and doesn’t provide the extra padding like a ¼ inch thick mat. If you’re thinking about completing other workouts besides yoga the ¼ inch thick mat will better support your body.

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Resistance Bands

Another essential purchase for your successful at-home workouts would include resistance bands! These lightweight, portable, stretchy bands have many benefits! They can improve strength along with build the size and function of muscles. Looking to tone and target specific muscles, these are perfect for that as well! They can be used on both the upper and lower body. Who doesn’t love a versatile piece of equipment? Am I right?

The typical resistance band pack will come with color-coded elastic bands. The color codes represent the level of tension each band has, and it’s recommended to have at least these three: light, medium, and heavy. Different muscle groups on the body will require different levels of resistance.

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Jump Rope

Hey, jumping rope isn’t just for kids! The jump rope is an underutilized piece of workout equipment. It’s a great fitness tool for all ability levels. The jump rope is a perfect way to begin a workout because it works muscles from top to bottom. It also could be used for your entire workout! Besides, it helping you burn a few hundred calories the jump rope can help improve coordination and cognitive function as well. Most importantly, it’s fun! There so many tricks to learn and jumping rope can be done almost anywhere!

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The beauty of these fitness products is they are all affordable and light weight! They can be easily stored at home or be taken on the go!


Let us know some of your workout ideas in the comments!

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