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Best Dresses for Your Body Shape - HQ Insider
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Best Dresses for Your Body Shape

Best dresses for different body shapes

Best Dresses for Your Body Shape

Spring is here, which means more dresses will be popping up both in store and online. Not only are dresses always in style – they’re instant outfits on a hanger. Just add your favorite jewelry pieces and you’re set. We’ve paired the four most popular dress cuts with the body shapes that look best in them. Find the best dress for your body shape!  Not sure what your body type is? Use this body type calculator to find out, then read on.


Karl Lagerfeld Paris Crochet Sleeveless V-Neck Zip Back Knit Lined Dress

You can’t go wrong with a flattering A-line dress; it’s a hit on every body type. Fitted to your natural waistline, the dress fans out and down towards the hem, creating an “A” shape.  This style draws attention away from your chest and hips and allows your waistline to shine. The A-line is a nice option for those who are more shapely on top (inverted triangle) or curvy on the bottom (pear-shaped) that want to draw focus away from those areas.  For those who are apple-shaped (round) or straight-figured (rectangle-shaped), this dress cut gives the illusion of curves by cinching at the waist.  The waistline will appear even smaller on an hourglass shaped body. As dress silhouettes go, this is one of the best to add to your closet.


Marc Bouwer Knit & Lace Sleeveless Notch Neck Sheath Dress

Sheath dresses are form-fitting and will highlight your body’s proportions. Since this cut uses v-shaped tucks to help mold the fabric to the contours of the waist and bust areas, it’ll typically look best on hourglass or curvy-on-top body types.

Drop Waist

OSO Casuals® Chambray Roll Tab Sleeve Button-up Peplum Shirt Dress

This cut is exactly as it sounds, the waistline of the dress falls just below the hips, which lengthens the torso. This silhouette is reminiscent of the 1920’s popular flapper dress that easily drapes on the body. Perfect for straight– or round-figured bodies who want a more comfortable and relaxed fit.


One World Printed Knit Elbow Sleeve Empire Tie-Waist V-Neck Maxi Dress

The term “empire” was not used to describe this cut until it was made popular by Josephine de Beauharnais, Napolean’s first Empress.  Unlike the drop-waist cut, the empire cut’s waistline begins just below the bust. The high waistline highlights the smallest part of the figure, while the rest of the dress helps to elongate the body, so this cut tends to look best on a pear-shaped frame. Not only that, an empire dress will add more curves to straight– and round-figured body shapes.

So there you have it – best dresses for different body shapes! Ready to look your best this season with the latest dresses? Get the looks here.

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