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Home is where our Hearts Are | Decorating for Fall

Home is where our Hearts Are | Decorating for Fall

Our interior design expert Kathy Norton talks Fall Decorating!

Fall is here! For those from California to Florida, Minnesota to Maine we love this season. It’s not necessarily what the temperature is where you are, it’s just a season to embrace!

When September hits, so does my nesting and nurturing nature! I want my home to get cozy with Fall decorating. So where do we start?

Think rich colors like rust, deep wine and red, olives and mustard yellows. Work in more texture for the cooler season such as natural textures like straw, faux fur, wools and velvets.

One of my favorite ways to kick off a new season is with the very first impression to my home…. Seasonal fragrances. Mackenzie Childs is kicking off fashion and fragrance for your home that invoke a cozy feeling, my favorite for Fall is their new “Figmalion” fragrance. This fragrance immediately greets my family and my friends with the scent of fig, currants and warm amber. Truth be told, I do this for me!

I start the decorating though at the Front Porch. Pumpkins, both white and orange in different shapes and sizes, mums in bushel baskets and adding in some hardscape with lanterns and flameless candles alone with some season Halloween decor. I try to add one collectible Halloween/Autumnal piece every year, my boys actually remember from year to year since they were little, this creates memories and traditions that they can build on some day with their own families! Yep, Granny Kath is just waiting to happen some year!

Once you transition to the entry way inside your home let your decor tell the story of a warm welcome. The fashion and fragrance with luxury home fragrances, velvet pillows on an entryway bench. I think more couture Halloween and Fall not necessarily campy.

I reached out the fabulous group at Mackenzie Childs and here are a few tips from their global brand that is happy, quirky and luxury all wrapped up in amazing colors and patterns.



“Start the transition to fall at your entry. If you’re accenting a porch, be sure that decorative items are placed in a protected location that shields them from the elements. If that isn’t possible, add these items to your entry hall or to decorate your fireplace mantel.”

  • Our Autumn Naturals Wreath greets autumn with an abundance of natural materials, including everlasting gourds, leaves, hydrangeas, and berries, with accents of our Courtly Check sinamay ribbon. What’s more, there are several pieces that complement this wreath, including the Autumn Naturals Urn Topiary for the entry and the Autumn Naturals Centerpiece and Tabletop Topiary for the dining room.
  • Our Fall Fest Wreath greets autumn with an abundance of paper mache pumpkins in black, white, and orange patterns, plus everlasting leaves, hydrangeas, and berries, with accents of our Courtly Check and Heirloom ribbon. Nestled in the center is an owl made of all-natural materials wearing a bow of Courtly Check.
  • Looking to cast a spell for Halloween? Try our Medium Black Owl Wreath, which features a feather-covered black owl perched on a base of shimmering black grapevine, topped with an orange sisal wreath decorated with striped pumpkins.



“One of the quickest ways to add a touch of autumn is to place a colorful centerpiece on the dining room table or sideboard. For that, we suggest one of these pieces, along with some of our Courtly Check candle holders in various sizes to create added dimension. Another idea is to place the centerpiece on one of our beaded autumn table runners for extra shine.”

  • Let our Mod collection take center stage. Fun and fashionable, this group makes a sleek statement in black and white with gold lustre embellishment. Some pieces to consider are the Mod Cake Plate, which has a removable witch’s hat in its center, and the Mod Stemmed Bowl, the perfect way to store and serve Halloween candy. Completing the Mod grouping is the Tall Mod Owl and the Short Mod Owl, whose black and white patterns add year- round fun.
  • We love how our Illuminated Happy Pumpkins do double duty. These brightly colored pumpkins are available in three sizes, and they light up with a flickering glow when the battery-operated LED light is turned on. What’s more, each pumpkin can be removed from its stand, which can then serve as a pillar candle holder for our Glow by MacKenzie-Childs pillar candles.
  • Finally, consider the wise witches from Patience Brewster by MacKenzie- Childs. Patience has added her signature painterly touch to two wonderful figures that are sure to leave you spellbound, starting with the incredibly detailed Patience Brewster Crystal Ball Witch Display Figure, who gazes into her crystal ball. There’s also the Patience Brewster Raggedy Witch Crystal Ball Globe, which features a witch inside a crystal ball, which is also a music box that plays “This is Halloween” when you crank the bone-shaped handle on the side.


Pillows and rugs

“As soon a September arrives, you’ll want to warm up your interiors. You can add instant warmth and cozy comfort with these fall-inspired pillows and rugs.”

  • Many of our autumn pillows, like the Cornucopia Lumbar Pillow and the Fall Fest Pumpkin Pillow, are decorated with fun fall motifs and embellished with beads and embroidery. The Cornucopia Lumbar Pillow is finished with persimmon velvet piping and hand-tied silk pom-poms, while the Fall Fest Pumpkin Pillow has snappy gingham piping around its edges.
  • Another pillow option is our Pumpkin Pillow, which is plump and soft and shaped like a pumpkin, with alternating panels of Courtly Check and velvet, topped with a green velvet stem. It’s available in two sizes, small and large.
  • Finally, there’s something fun for underfoot. The 3′ Round Pumpkin Patch Rug adds seasonal style wherever you place it. This hooked rug features a trio of gorgeously patterned gourds, trimmed with a scalloped edge of stripes and polka dots.

One last note, as the days get shorter lighting becomes more and more important.

A few guidelines that help get that warm glow; add 3 light sources to every room ceiling, and in 2 other corners- create a triangle of light. Use dimmers! A beautiful fashionable and fragrant candle can set the mood for a warm and cozy room.

Above all have fun, take a few risks, if you love it, rock it! Happy Fall!!!


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✨ Who is Kathy Norton?

Kathy is our resident free spirit fashionista who is all about acceptance and spreading love through her happy, high-energy personality. In her free time, you’ll find her shopping, traveling, listening to classic rock, and hanging out with her family and friends.

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