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Ringing out 2020 (whew!!) & Ringing in 2021 at Home | Kathy Norton - HQ Insider
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Ringing out 2020 (whew!!) & Ringing in 2021 at Home | Kathy Norton

Ringing out 2020 (whew!!) & Ringing in 2021 at Home | Kathy Norton

So let’s face it this New Years Eve may look a little different than years past.  At our house there won’t be a party with music and a loud room, but there will be some great bluesy vinyl’s spinning.  There won’t be dancing and a boisterous countdown with friends, but there will be slow dancing in the Living Room and a midnight kiss with my one and only.  There won’t be hors d’oeuvres passed or party dresses, but there will be fondue and champagne by candlelight.

We have been eating at home at the kitchen table this year, we have been comfortable in sweats most nights with some board games so for New Years Eve 2020 the Norton house is dressing up….and staying home.

Here’s how it lays out for NYE at our house.  We are moving dinner into the Dining Room! First, I decorated the table with my Waterford and At Home with Jorge Perez pieces.  I started with a full-length mirror down the center of the table and added some vintage pocket watches and a clock for the count down.  I also love my Great Uncle Warren’s chipped up statuesque candlesticks.  I added all sorts of gold, silver and black to the table making sure that I was getting height and texture.  I broke out my Grandmother’s sterling silver flatware and hung metallic starts and crystals from the chandelier (all repurposed from Christmas decorating).  Tons of candles and little flickering fairy lights add the ambience you want for NYE.  A top hat for John, a crown for me (duh!), some foil horns and the picture is complete.

For our menu, I decided that since it was just us two we would do courses of fondue, really easy with a small group.

First course

Cheese fondue with Swiss cheese and black truffle oil served with crusty bread.  Yummy!  Cocktails will be a nice 14-year-old single malt scotch for hubby served with “1 big rock” in his favorite Waterford lowball.  For me, I’ll have my one martini but it has to be special since it’s NYE.  So I am going for a Pomegranate Cosmo with vodka, fresh lime, pomegranate juice and a splash of cranberry juice garnished with a rosemary sprig.

Second course 

Steak bites, shrimp & vegetable tempura fondue with dipping sauces. Selection of wine – red for John, white for me.


Take a break with a bit of slow dancing to my favorite B.B. King vinyl records, and then on to dessert.


Third course

Chocolate Fondue made with bittersweet chocolate and hazelnuts served with fruit and angel food cake.  Now it’s time to break out the champagne!  My favorite is a rose Veuve Clicquot best served in my Waterford coupe champagne glasses.

Now the countdown is on…. 5-4-3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOODBYE 2020!


Who is Kathy Norton?

Kathy is our resident free spirit fashionista who is all about acceptance and spreading love through her happy, high-energy personality. In her free time, you’ll find her shopping, traveling, listening to classic rock, and hanging out with her family and friends.

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