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As a social species, it can be difficult for humans to be hunkered down at home for an extended period of time. A person recently posted, “Your grandparents were called to war.  You’re being called to sit on your couch. You can do this.”  While this, in a way, is a lot easier than going to war, being stuck at home, with your loved ones 24/7, has its own challenges. If you have young children, well then, it’s a whole new ballgame.  Let’s face it, going to “war” with your children is much tougher than going to war with your enemies. You can’t get rid of them (well, not permanently).  So in light of this, here are some ideas and products on how to stay occupied (and sane).

For the Kids

Games and imaginative play come to mind. No, we’re not talking about video games, but good old fun, traditional games like 4-In-A-Row, bowling, baseball, etc.  Sports may have been canceled, so start your own team! Don’t forget about the power of imaginative play – bring out your inner kid![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

For the Adults

You’ve probably got more than a few to-dos to check off on your list that’ve taken a back-burner to your daily routine. Well, here’s your chance to change that. Social distancing can = self love/care.

    • Read those books you’ve been wanting to – War and Peace perhaps?
    • Exercise – what comes after spring? SUMMER.
    • Meditate – benefits include reducing stress, promoting emotional health and improving sleep.
    • Create your own in-home spa – why not pamper yourself with a relaxing bath?
    • Call your parents – because you should.
    • Online learning – want to learn more about social media? Get that certificate? Here’s your chance.
    • Try that new recipe – who knows, it may be something to pass along down to the next generation. Need cookware?
    • Really talk to your spouse/significant other – like REALLY talk
    • Spring Cleaning (vs. waiting for a guest and frantically cleaning) – see this blog post for the top 5 tips.


So there you have it. In a way, this may be a blessing in disguise. We can spend more time together, get to know each other (again), bond with your kids, and hey, less cars on the road means less pollution. What are some of your ideas to stay occupied? Share in the comments section below!

And now, a word from our hosts.

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