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Gold Rush | Melissa Miner - HQ Insider
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Gold Rush | Melissa Miner

Gold Rush | Melissa Miner

Gold is a “Noble Metal” with special enduring properties, long sought after for use as adornment in jewelry, coinage, and in art. Gold does not rust, tarnish or corrode, and with basic care “glows” for years to come. Since gold is malleable, ductile, and has a tenacity, it can be shaped, formed, and molded into almost any design, that will hold its definition. Gold is also hypoallergenic too!

What is the allure of gold? Why does it have meaning for people today? Value, love, celebration, romance, fashion statement, warmth, feeling, emotion, gift, investment and making a connection.

The history of gold is a long one. The name is from the Latin word “Aurum”, the Roman Goddess of the Dawn. To ancient Egyptians, gold was the “Sun on the Earth”. One of the most famous ancient gold finds is King Tut’s tomb (Egypt, 1300 BC).

The love of gold has toppled civilizations, transformed the globe, and driven men beyond their most epic dreams and power of reason.

Gold is wearable everywhere, always appropriate, always in fashion, the foundation of a jewelry wardrobe and is always a welcome gif! No special occasion required, perfect for wardrobing. Pick any style – a bold cuff, or glittery drop earrings and you will make a huge statement! Whether it is a big bold ring or a sparkling necklace, gold can work with everything from a bathing suit to an evening gown. A bit of shine looks great on a woman’s skin …nothing is sexier!

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Melissa Miner
Melissa Miner - Graduate Gemologist, G.I.A

Melissa Miner is a Graduate Gemologist from the G.I.A, one of the most recognized titles in the diamond industry. They are trusted experts for accurately identifying and grading the unique characteristics of diamonds and colored gemstones. Melissa has logged over 20,000 hours of live TV in the home shopping industry! She has a broad product category adeptness, but her favorite is the jewelry category presenting exquisite gemstones and diamonds.

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