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Feature Hero: Determined Problem Solver - HQ Insider
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Feature Hero: Determined Problem Solver

Jarrett Bonard

Feature Hero: Determined Problem Solver

Our Way of Saying Thank You – Feature Hero

Hero: Jarrett B from Dallas, TX
Profession: Sign Shop Manager, Shag Carpet Props
Nominated by: Sandra H, Mother

“There has never been, nor will there ever be, anything quite so special as the love between the mother and a son.” – Unknown

This story was shared as an inspiration to small business owners and their employees. Creativity, determination and entrepreneurial spirit reinvented this small company’s business model to help deliver products needed by their community. From ShopHQ – Thank you!

Why did you nominate him as your hero?

I nominated Jarrett as a recent hero because he is 1) beneficent, 2) dedicated and 3) entrepreneurial.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, events were quickly cancelled nationally.  Shag Carpet Prop Rentals quickly went from a thriving business to an empty calendar.  Jarrett and the business’ owner, Gary Peto, wanted to save jobs within the company and help out their community and state as much as possible.  With a dedicated staff and some refitting of machinery and a lot of creativity, the company is now producing social distancing products.  They are donating and selling movable walls, floor graphics, face shields, and desktop protectors, and trying to serve the needs for protective equipment all over their area.

If you had to use only one word to describe Jarrett, what would it be and why?

Multi-talented.  Jarrett has always enjoyed problem-solving and engineering.  He is also very musical.

Tell us a little bit about your son.

Jarrett graduated from Webster University with a math degree in 2006 and immediately went to work in the event production industry.  He started with a company in Miami and then opened offices and warehouses in Annapolis and Dallas as the company expanded.  He is married with two adorable daughters.  He now works as the Sign Shop Manager at Shag Carpet Prop Rentals in Dallas, responsible for signage and displays.  The company schedules, services, and manages events of various sizes all over Texas and in a few national forums.  Jarrett has had some amazing learning experiences in his 14 years in the business, from Las Vegas to New York City, from Superbowls to award shows.

Sandra and Jarrett
Sandra and Jarrett

Please share with us one of your fondest memories of Jarrett (as a mother, you must have many!).

Jarrett played sports throughout elementary, middle, and high school, and basketball became his favorite.  He played on the high school varsity team in our small town even as a freshman.  During his senior year, he received numerous athletic honors for his skills on the court and his academic success.  I was very touched when he was named All State, 2002, and thanked me publicly for my support and encouragement.

What do you most admire about your son?

I admire most the fact that Jarrett values relationships above all else:  with his immediate family; with us, his parents; with his 4 siblings; with his coworkers and neighbors; with friendships he has maintained since grade school.  He understands the importance of positive connections.

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