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Ageless Gifts for Him - HQ Insider
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Ageless Gifts for Him

Ageless Gifts for Him

One of the best parts of the holiday season is seeing the surprise and happiness on the faces of your loved ones as they open their gifts. Never should you worry about getting thoughtful gifts or thinking gift shopping is difficult. Get shopping with this unique list and tag ShopHQ on those unboxing moments.

1. Valet Tray

This is a gift for his gifts and the solution to the close encounter of him loosing items you took out time to buy. It is no surprise that no matter how special a gift, there comes a time that either through clumsiness or being carefree, men misplace items.

Do one better and get him the Howard leather valet tray which has different compartments for his watch, rings and the special cuff links you got him.

2. Leather Boots

Switch up his style by getting him some leather boots. It has an edgy look which can only be achieved with the right boots. The leather boot remains an ageless item and an all-season item used to complement that bold, edgy, gritty yet stylish look.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

leather boots
leather boots 2

3. Watch & Bracelet

It is no surprise how watches have remained a timeless gift for him. Onboard with this style has been the increased use of bracelets by the modern man. The use of bracelets has transcended beyond dinner dates to the boardroom. It redefines being classy.

Bracelet & watch

4. Dopp Bag

A durable bag that helps every guy stay organized and store his cologne, toothbrush, shaving kit all through his journey. The dopp bag gives the feel of ‘home away from home’ as it eliminates any form of clumsiness and the leather feel gives a matured outlook for his overall style and status.

dopp bag

5. Wall Clock

Switch it up on him with this Invicta wall clock that would readily transform his man cave from being bland. With the right mix of decorative sub-dials and a dragon logo, he will always look up at it in appreciation.

wall clock-invicta
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