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What Trends Are Coming For Fall 2021? - HQ Insider
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What Trends Are Coming For Fall 2021?

What Trends Are Coming For Fall 2021?

With Fall comes colder temperatures which turn into layering up your clothing pieces. What types of layers will be popular this fall? Here are our top 3 styles to look out for this fall.

  1. The Sweater Vest

A staple from the ’70s to the early 2000s is the sweater vest. Although it can be worn alone as a summer and fall transition piece, it is best known for its layering feature. This could either be a collared button-down, a turtleneck, or even another sweater. The beauty of a sweater vest is you can pretty much pair whatever you want underneath it.

  1. Denim On Denim

Denim jumpsuit, a Canadian tuxedo, and even denim shoes will be coming and coming in hot for fall! Who doesn’t love a good denim jumpsuit? It makes picking out an outfit so simple, and the best part is you can dress it up with a pair of heeled booties or dress it down with a pair of sneakers. Don’t be afraid to rock your favorite pair of jeans with a graphic tee and denim jacket, either! Denim on denim is back, and we are here for it.

  1. Big Knitted Sweaters

Name something better than an oversized chunky knit sweater? That’s a difficult task considering everyone loves sweater weather. Chunky knit sweaters go great with leggings, trousers, denim, and even a good pair of sweats. Notice how any type of pants could go with a chunky knit sweater! If you’re looking to dress up for your plans, pair your sweater with some trousers and a cute boot. If you’re just chilling out at home watching ShopHQ, then maybe dress it down with your favorite leggings! The popular color for the chunky sweaters this fall will be in different shades of white and other neutral tones, which makes styling easy.

Have fun shopping for the new fall trends and as always, check out ShopHQ for all your Fall Fashion needs!

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