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Which Handbag Is Right For You? - HQ Insider
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Which Handbag Is Right For You?

Which Handbag Is Right For You?

Can’t think of anything more difficult than trying to decide which handbag to buy. There are so many styles, but how do you know which one is right for you?

Each style of handbag is made for different occasions and activities. Let us help you and guide you through which bag is perfect for you!

The Tote

Besides, it being totes amazing in general! This bag is roomy and versatile. Totes are on the larger side of handbags and are perfect for packing in all your essentials! This style is also great for a weekend away or taking it to the office.


It’s a not too big and not too small combination purse. Every crossbody’s staple is the long strap that can be worn across the body (a-ha!). This style is great for those who like to be hands-free and on the go! Perfect for when you’re going to the mall and need all hands on deck for some serious shopping or headed to the amusement park and don’t want to risk losing it or, worse, stolen!

Shoulder bag

The shoulder bag is a solid investment. This bag can either sit in the crook of your arm or be slung over your shoulder. Also, a good style to bring on the go! They come in different sizes and materials. Choose nylon for a lighter weight and casual look, or purchase leather for your dressier looks.


Searching for a minimal purse style and something that gives your neck and back a break? The clutch is for you! Especially for those nights, you’re headed to an event because you can travel light. A clutch is great for carrying exactly what you need while being fashion-forward!

Top Handle

This style is very trendy currently, and I grab onto this style here quickly! This bag is all about focusing on the handle on the top of the bag. This bag can either be found between your fingers or in the crook in your arm. It’s the perfect bag if you’re rushing out the door because you can grab that handle and get out!

Can’t decide on which bag is best for you? No rule says you can’t purchase a couple of different styles to support your activities and hobbies! ShopHQ has a beautiful selection and a wide variety of styles!

Click the images to shop ShopHQ’s wide selection of handbag styles!

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