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Invicta Insider | Iconic or Legendary? - HQ Insider
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Invicta Insider | Iconic or Legendary?

Invicta Insider | Iconic or Legendary?

Invicta Ambassador Matthew James shares a few thoughts as we celebrate Invicta’s 19th Anniversary with ShopHQ – which really means we’re celebrating all of our Invincible Fans!

Iconic or Legendary? I find myself asking, are they the same? And if they aren’t, which comes first? As I wrestle with the terminology, I lean towards a belief that something ultimately becomes legendary after a sequence of iconic moments or events.  After all, there are many “legends” in almost everything in life. Think of historical events and figures, athletes and your favorite teams, performers in the entertainment industry, both popular and high-profile brands in all retail categories. What really sets these all apart is that at some point in their eclipse they were and/or still are at the top of their game. Now as I really chip away at the concept of becoming a legend, there must be a precursor which I believe can be described in a few critically essential words – passion, drive, commitment. Whether it be a single person or a group of people, I believe that legendary status would be difficult to achieve without these characteristics

    1. Absolute laser focus on a singular passion
    2. Being relentless with drive
    3. Investment of time and efforts to achieving the goal


In being a spokesperson for Invicta when I am on TV representing the brand of timepieces and now jewelry, I do find myself often expressing my thoughts with the use of both words. I know that my word choice comes from my many years of being behind the scenes sharing and experiencing the passion, drive and commitment of the Invicta family. This is a small group of highly dedicated people who had a vison for their brand and have held true to it every step of the way for two decades. The tagline “Invicta – Invincible in detail” holds true to the original mission statement which is a commitment to creating timepieces of exceptional value and quality while making them accessible to everyone.

This month (September 2020) we are celebrating Invicta’s 19th anniversary at ShopHQ. I can personally attest that these have been 19 incredible years. Years which have been awash with countless moments which I now personally classify as iconic. Yes, I said it ICONIC. So now enters the word which I believe describes all those milestones which have been achieved through the passion, drive, and commitment of many people. Milestones which include the creation and launch of thousands of watch models which have evolved into the iconic collections of the Invicta brand, countless hours of entertaining live TV presentations, the creation of exciting on-air events, the high gloss Invicta lifestyle events from exotic and iconic remote locations, and high profile collaborations with multiple legendary licensed properties (Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, NFL, Us Army, Pirates of the Caribbean, Muppets, Snoopy, Popeye, Garfield, Sponge Bob, Betty Boop). But the list of milestones would be so incomplete without the mention of the iconic Invicta live cruise events. Truly a jewel in the crown has been the vision, the execution, and the opportunity to experience these special moments with the loyalty of what has become the true Invicta family – the fans. I still get goose-bumps when I reflect upon our first cruise and that first time I finally saw in person our Invicta fans all gathered together awaiting to board the ship. It was an awe inspiring acknowledgement for me that YES, every moment, every success, every misstep have been worth it just to experience this moment.

So, in celebrating 19 years of partnership with ShopHQ, this year we celebrate our fans. The community which developed as an outcome of Invicta’s passion, drive, and commitment. It is the fans who have supported us from the beginning to today. The fans who have cheered with encouragement when we got things right but have also been honest when we missed the mark. Fans who have unabashedly encouraged us to push forward with no limits in groundbreaking innovation. The fans who support each other and share a common enthusiasm for Invicta and what we stand for in the world of timekeeping. It is the undeniable passion and commitment from these fans which have made Invicta what I consider a true industry legend.


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